Glyn Milston* works at a suburban branch of one of the UK’s largest retail banks. He does not see a long term career for himself within the organisation and is currently with a CareerBalance consultant. He says he wants to be “equipped with the best possible tools to achieve his dream” of taking his career to the City.

What major issue do you want to tackle?

I’ve been in my job for 5 years and I want to increase my opportunities for progressing. I needed guidance about roles in the City.

How is CareerBalance helping you move forward?

The introductory meeting was very relaxed. Simon is an impressive person and to sit with someone like him – a former lawyer who held a senior position at major US Bank – is quite inspiring.
CareerBalance has already helped me to crystallise my career ambitions in terms of type of job, earnings and location, and I now have a plan for achieving my goal. Talking it through with a professional has really helped me focus, while I study for my financial services qualifications.
I’m speaking to companies, getting my CV out there and receiving feedback from prospective employers. I’m now getting interviews from speculative applications. I’m looking to be in a financial advisory role in the City with a significantly increased salary.

Where is CareerBalance making the most impact for you?

As soon as we began discussing possible career paths and different company cultures, it was as if Simon was taking the blinkers off me and opening up a world of possibilities. Working in one corporation for such a long time, it’s easy to start feeling rather institutionalised.
Thanks to Simon’s tips and re-structuring of my CV, I’ve already had good feedback from employers. I applied for one job and got an interview straightaway. Even though it went well, I decided that job wasn’t for me. But overall I saw that as very positive.
Through exercises and discussion, I discovered that the peaks and troughs of my personal life had often mirrored the highs and lows of my professional life. One task involved writing down my biggest achievements, how I achieved them and how they had made a difference. I put down the marathon I ran recently to raise money for cancer charities in honour of a close member of my family. That gave me something to articulate to a prospective employer about my non-working life.

How do you think you would have managed without the help of CareerBalance?

I’d be going through the motions and feeling increasing frustration – writing my CV and jobhunting, but in an unstructured fashion. I’d be approaching recruiters that weren’t specific enough to the role I’m after.
CareerBalance has been inspiring, reassuring, and very very interesting for me. I’m now looking forward to my next two sessions on coaching for interviews. I know I can call Simon right after an interview and he’ll be there to talk through it even between sessions. I’m determined to equip myself with the best tools possible to secure my dream job.

How is your new job search going?

There’s lots to do but I’m going for it and I’m excited about the new year.

*Glyn is completing a four-session programme with Simon Broomer

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