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  • Are you feeling unsettled in your legal career?
  • Planning a move from private practice to an in-house legal role?
  • Thinking of changing to a new legal specialism?
  • Considering a complete change in career direction?
  • Uncertain of the career options open to you?
  • Unsure how to approach the job market?

CareerBalance has helped more than 2,000 solicitors in the UK to plan and progress their careers.

They range from partners in law firms to trainees completing training contracts. Simon Broomer, lead coach, is a qualified solicitor who has worked in a range of law firms and has changed career himself more than once. He really understands legal careers and the challenges you face as a lawyer today.

What if a long-term career in private practice  isn’t for you?

For solicitors in private practice, the route to partnership is becoming longer and more uncertain. It’s not just about providing an excellent service to your clients. There is added pressure to meet fee targets, develop new business and to manage people.

If you’ve decided that a long-term career in private practice is no longer for you, we will help you to understand the career options open to you — inside and outside the legal profession.

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We’ll also support you as you engage with the job market — to make sure you’re targeting the right roles and employers and getting interviews for roles that you really want.

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