Rachel Danes* trained as a solicitor in a City law firm. She then set up her own business consultancy working with charities and small businesses, while also opening an interior design practice. She has just returned to employment as the chief executive of a legal charity. Over the last five years, Rachel has stayed in regular contact with Simon Broomer at CareerBalance. She sees keeping her career under regular review with Simon’s help as a way of taking control of her future, just like a person would do by reviewing their diet or who their friends are.

What major issue did you want to tackle?

Over the last five years, I’ve met up with Simon every couple of years for a few sessions to review my career. We’ve also been in touch about problems at work, including how to deal with a difficult management style.
When we met recently, I wanted to return from self-employment to employment. I needed help with positioning and presenting myself in the job market and deciding what to do next.

How did CareerBalance help you move forward?

The key was looking at how what I’d done related to my goals, my personality, my skills and my life priorities. This helped me to pinpoint my next move. For example, I identified I didn’t want to be in a big corporate organisation.
When I first met Simon when I was an in-house solicitor, I completed thorough detailed questionnaires. Simon now knows and understands me quite well. He is very practical and full of ideas.

What makes you go back to CareerBalance again and again?

I know and like the way Simon works. He listens to me as an individual, and he understands the bigger picture of the journey I’ve made, my personal circumstances, and my life goals for the future.
It’s easy to lose track of one’s goals in life. I view staying in touch with CareerBalance as part of looking after myself. It’s a bit like seeking out a doctor you can trust, finding a good hairdresser, making a review of who your friends are or evaluating your diet.

How might things have turned out differently without the help of Careerbalance?

Without CareerBalance, it would have been harder to make the move from being an in-house solicitor to setting up my own consultancy. I’d have had trouble believing that my skills could be applied in new ways.
Other times, when for example, Simon helped me deal with a boss’s management style, if I hadn’t gone to him for support, I would have probably left my job.

How is your new job going?

I feel fulfilled and motivated in my new job and am very happy to be working in a sector that matches both my skills and interests.

Would you recommend CareerBalance or go back in the future?

I have already recommended CareerBalance and I’m planning to meet up with Simon after I’ve been in my new job for a few months to develop a plan for the next couple of years.

Rachel Danes* recently had 3 sessions with CareerBalance.

*Not her actual name

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