Salary Negotiation

Negotiating A Great Salary Package

Salary negotiation may be an area you aren’t so comfortable with. Without industry knowledge and a salary range posted on the job advert, it’s hard to work out what your salary could be.

Not only that, prospective employers expect you to tell them what you are currently earning. You’re right to be concerned that they’ll pay you the same as your current or most recent earnings.

“I wish I’d come to see CareerBalance before I started speaking to recruitment consultants and going for interviews”.

This is a comment we often hear from our clients who realise, sometimes a little too late, that they are worth more than they thought.

You Can Rely On Our Inside Knowledge

We know what salary packages are on offer because we talk to our clients and conduct rigorous research into the job market.

How Much Are You Worth?

We can tell you what you are worth and what sort of package you can realistically expect to receive in your next role.  With our insight, we can advise you not only on what you can earn, but also on the valuable benefits you can frequently obtain with a job offer. Pension, medical cover and life insurance are benefits that are frequently overlooked.

We want to ensure that you don’t short-change yourself by basing your next salary on your current or most recent earnings. Often these have fallen behind market rates. We look at what you have to offer that is of most value to your new employer.  And we consider what the job itself is worth by assessing the responsibilities, accountability and authority of the role. You may believe that you need to take a salary cut if you want to make a career change but frequently this is not true.  Armed with the proper and relevant information, you can enter into a salary negotiation with confidence.

More Attractive Salary Packages

With our help, you will be able to confidently answer the common interview question “So what are your salary expectations?” Using our advice and guidance, many of our clients have been able to negotiate more attractive salary packages.

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