Mid-career change

Concerned about your job?

On furlough and fearing redundancy?

Career reached a plateau? Earnings stalled?

Bored and/ or unhappy in your current role?

Our experienced career coaches will help you to identify your transferable skills and what you most enjoy, identify career options open to you and get you job market ready.

How we help

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Find a new career that is fulfilling and gives you the salary you want. Get yourself job market ready. We understand that changing career direction is a challenge and can be risky

We’ll help you decide the best way to take your career forward and we’ll support you in your search for a new role. This includes working for yourself.

Cause of the problem

Many people find themselves in jobs that they do not want.

Often we start our careers by taking the first job we get offered and after a few years we realise that we’re stuck in a role and in a sector that no longer appeals to us.

It’s hard to change as employers are reluctant to take you on in a job in which you have no experience.

We’re also told we’ll need to take a cut in salary to make a career move, but this is not always true.

Why you should seek expert help

You may be thinking that it’s impossible to make a career change at this stage in your career. We can help.

Our career coaches are adept in drawing out your transferable skills and knowledge and then linking these to job opportunities that you may never have considered.

Our experienced career coaches all have a unique insight into today’s job market – we’ve helped hundreds of clients to make successful career changes.

We understand what kinds of opportunities are on offer from thousands of employers and across sectors including commercial, public, not-for-profit, regulatory and creative industries.

What are the costs of not fixing this problem now?

We spend a large part of our lives at work. If you are bored, frustrated or unhappy at work this is going to spill over into other parts of your life, impact your relationships with others and create a sad cycle from which you can begin to believe there is no escape.

You’ll see that your performance is declining and that your career is not progressing, and you may also be losing confidence and belief in yourself. But there is a way out and no one should be in a career in which they are not happy.

Our expert career coaches will help you to find a way out to a new and rewarding future. With the retirement age being extended, many of us will be working for fifty years or more, so it’s important to act early so that your career moves in the direction you want.

How our career consultation helps you


Consultation Booking

We first meet all new clients for an initial career coaching session which we’re currently delivering online.


Consultation Preparation

Our career coach will prepare for this by reviewing your CV and asking you to complete a brief questionnaire to get an idea of the issues you are facing in your career.


Consultation Session

During the coaching session we’ll give you feedback on the new career options that are open to you, advise you on how best to approach the job market, and comment on your CV and LinkedIn profile.


Consultation Report

After we’ve met you we’ll send you an outline of the further support with which we can provide to you.

This usually consists of three or four further career coaching sessions with your career coach to help you to decide the best way to take your career forward and to support you in implementing an effective search strategy to find a good new career opportunity.


Next Steps

We also offer stand-alone CV writing service and interview coaching.
Our support is designed to meet your needs whatever stage you are in your career; our youngest client is 20 and our oldest one is 70, so we work with all ages and career stages.

Specific results from career coaching

We help our clients find careers that make the best use of their qualifications, skills, specialist knowledge and experience. Our career coaches are particularly adept in identifying your transferable skills and helping you to express these in your CV, LinkedIn profile and in job interviews.

Significant career changers that we have supported include a solicitor who changed to become a speech and language therapist, a car salesman who became a property agent, and a criminal barrister who joined the Department of European Exit. In addition to helping clients change career direction, we also help professionals to progress their careers to more challenging and significantly better paid roles. One example is an IT consultant in the UK who secured a job at double the salary in Europe.

We correctly assessed his earnings potential and helped him to negotiate his new salary package.

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Get yourself career change ready

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