Media Buyer

  • London EC1A, UK
  • £30,000 - £35,000 per annum + 30-35K GBP / Year

The Opportunity Hub UK

Job Summary by the Career Balance Team:

The Opportunity Hub UK is offering a role as a PPC Media Buyer, where the successful candidate will have the opportunity to showcase their skills in PPC advertising. Responsibilities include crafting strategies, optimizing campaigns, and scaling ad endeavors to drive results. The role also involves navigating various aspects of digital marketing and requires technical prowess and a strategic mindset. The company emphasizes a culture of performance and trust, offering a work-life balance. The world of PPC is described as innovative and exciting, allowing individuals to shape consumer behavior and make an impact in the digital landscape.

Job Description:Ready to dive into the dynamic realm of PPC ads with the flair of a true digital conjurer? Look no further – The Opportunity Hub UK is your launchpad to this exciting role as a PPC Media Buyer extraordinaire. We’re here to guide you to an incredible opportunity where your PPC prowess and penchant for all things digital will shine brighter than a disco ball at a tech-themed dance party!

What’s in the Cards for You: Buckle up, because we’re about to whisk you into a world of marketing marvels. You’re not just a PPC Media Buyer; you’re a conversion craftsman, a lead generation guru, and a mobile app magician for eCommerce, tech, and B2B champs. Picture yourself crafting strategies, optimizing campaigns, and scaling ad endeavours that drive results – purchases, ROI, CPA, ROAS, and CPI. Your journey involves transforming modest £100-a-day accounts into majestic £1000-a-day powerhouses that leave performance in the dust.

Here’s What You’ll Be Navigating:

  • Steering the ship of strategy, setup, optimization, and amplification of ad campaigns for real-world businesses
  • Juggling tests of copy, objectives, audiences, and creativity like a pro circus performer
  • Applying an array of tactics to propel conversions, ROI, and ROAS to dazzling heights across Google Ads, and if you’ve got Apple Search under your belt, you’re a unicorn in our eyes!
  • Wearing multiple project hats with finesse, adapting skills to make various project types shine
  • Skillfully wielding pixels and pixel events, shaping audiences, and potentially using tools to master the ad workflow
  • Embracing the symphony of digital marketing across platforms, from social to email, and beyond
  • Recognizing that the journey doesn’t end with the click – you’re a conversion rate optimization maven, an email strategy enthusiast, and a growth hacking aficionado

Here’s the Skills Potpourri You’ll Need:

  • A passion for digital marketing that burns brighter than a pixelated supernova
  • A keen eye for handling the nitty-gritty, complemented by a strategic mindset that can orchestrate ads for optimal performance
  • Technical prowess to deploy pixels, orchestrate pixel events, and sculpt audiences
  • A proven track record of turning ad campaigns into success stories, not just through setup but with a profound understanding of strategies and tactics

Why Opt for the PPC Quest: Besides becoming the PPC mastermind, this adventure showers you with magical rewards:

  • Join a squadron of marketing and creative aficionados with over 50 years of combined industry wizardry
  • Embrace a culture of performance and trust, where your work speaks louder than corporate jargon
  • Revel in a work-life balance that’s as harmonious as a symphony

Why this Sector is a Gem: The world of PPC opens doors to innovation, strategy, and the thrill of seeing your digital sorcery translate into tangible results. It’s a backstage pass to shaping consumer behaviour and leaving your mark on the digital landscape.

So, if you’ve got a knack for converting clicks into conversions, and you’re ready to dive into a marketing adventure like no other, your journey starts here. Join us and become the PPC Media Buyer that every campaign dreams of having!Location: South East, London

To apply for this job please visit joblookup.com.

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