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Job Summary by the Career Balance Team:

CJP Outreach Services is seeking a Female Complex Care Worker to provide specialized care for an individual with Motor Neurone Disease. The ideal candidate should have expertise in PEG feeding, tracheostomy care, suctioning/cough assist, and knowledge in diabetes and catheter care. The successful candidate will play a crucial role in ensuring high-quality care, comfort, and support for the individual on 24-hour ventilation. The position offers a salary of £12 per hour, industry and bespoke training, career development opportunities, full support and supervision, mileage reimbursement, flexible work patterns, and the chance to make a real difference in someone’s life.

Job Description:

Female Complex Care Worker

Location: BD12

Salary: £12 per hour

CJP Outreach Services is searching for a compassionate and dedicated Female Complex Care Worker to provide specialized care for an individual diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. The ideal candidate will have expertise in PEG feeding, tracheostomy care, suctioning/cough assist, and possess knowledge in diabetes care and catheter care. The individual is on 24-hour ventilation, and the successful candidate will play a crucial role in ensuring the highest quality of care, comfort, and support.

Working in care is not just a job; it’s an extraordinary opportunity to be a hero in someone else’s story. Every day, care workers have the power to transform lives through compassion, dedication, and the simple act of being there for those who need it most. Whether comforting someone in their most vulnerable moments, offering a gentle touch, or providing essential support, care workers embody the essence of heroism. It’s not about grand gestures, but the small, everyday acts that make an immeasurable impact on the lives of others. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • PEG Feeding:
    • Administer PEG feedings following prescribed schedules and nutritional guidelines.
    • Monitor and record the client’s nutritional intake, reporting any changes or concerns to the healthcare team.
    • Ensure a safe and sterile environment during feeding procedures.

  • Tracheostomy Care:
    • Perform routine tracheostomy care, ensuring cleanliness and proper maintenance.
    • Monitor and manage respiratory equipment, addressing any issues promptly.
    • Collaborate with healthcare professionals to implement and adjust care plans as needed.

  • Suctioning/Cough Assist:
    • Skillfully conduct suctioning and cough assist procedures to maintain respiratory function.
    • Recognize and respond to respiratory distress promptly, implementing appropriate interventions.
    • Regularly assess and document respiratory status and make recommendations for adjustments in care as needed.

  • Diabetes Care:
    • Monitor blood glucose levels and administer insulin per the prescribed plan.
    • Implement and adhere to diabetes care protocols, collaborating with healthcare professionals for optimal management.
    • Educate and support the client in diabetes self-management.

  • Catheter Care:
    • Provide meticulous care for indwelling catheters, ensuring hygiene and preventing infections.
    • Monitor urinary output and report any irregularities to the healthcare team.
    • Collaborate with healthcare professionals to address and manage catheter-related concerns.

  • 24-Hour Ventilation:
    • Manage and monitor the client’s 24-hour ventilation system, ensuring its proper functioning.
    • Respond promptly to any ventilation-related issues, collaborating with healthcare professionals as necessary.
    • Maintain a vigilant approach to the client’s respiratory well-being around the clock.


  • Industry and bespoke training plan – tailored to meet the needs of the individuals you support
  • Career development and ongoing training opportunities
  • Full support and supervision
  • Mileage reimbursement – increased recently to support the recent fuel price increases
  • Flexible work patterns
  • Rewarding opportunity to make a real difference to an individual’s life
  • Working for an outstanding CQC rated provider

The refer a friend scheme is worth £200 in total. This is split £100 after the person has worked 100 hours and then another £100 when they have passed probation (6 months usually).

Are you passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of others? 

If you are ready to contribute to a supportive and dynamic team and make a difference in the lives of those we care for, we invite you to apply for this rewarding opportunity.

Please contact our friendly recruitment team on if you would like to know more about this position.



Location: Bradford, West Yorkshire

To apply for this job please visit joblookup.com.

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