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Job Summary by the Career Balance Team:

A social enterprise is seeking an Education Travel Customer Coordinator to join their team and make a meaningful impact on young students’ lives. The company aims to provide unforgettable experiences that inspire and break barriers in social mobility. The coordinator will be responsible for problem-solving, client engagement, research and development, teamwork, project management, and sales and promotion. The ideal candidate is a problem-solver with strong communication and project management skills, passionate about education and empowering youth. The position offers professional growth opportunities, a competitive salary and benefits, and the chance to leave a lasting legacy in education and character development.

Job Description:

Join Our Team: Education Travel  Customer Coordinator for a Dynamic Social Enterprise!

 Are you ready to be a part of something exciting and meaningful? We’re looking for a spirited and innovative Education Travel Customer Coordinator to join our fast-paced social enterprise. Dive into a world where you’re not just working – you’re making a real difference in young students’ lives!

Who Are We? We’re a buzzing social enterprise on a mission to shake things up in the world of education. Our goal? To offer unforgettable experiences that ignite young minds, boost aspirations, and break barriers in social mobility. We’re all about creating journeys that leave a lasting, positive mark on young lives.

Your Role: The Heartbeat of Our Mission As our Education Travel Customer Coordinator, you’re not just a team member – you’re a trailblazer in shaping young futures. Reporting directly to our Managing Director, you’ll be the go-to person for:

  •  Problem Solving & Strategy: Tailor unique strategies for each client, transforming the way they see character development.
  •  Client Engagement: Forge strong relationships and communicate the amazing impacts of our programs. Your voice will turn clients into believers.
  • ️‍♂️ Research & Development: Stay ahead of the curve in educational trends and craft programs that sparkle.
  •  Teamwork: Collaborate and innovate with our awesome team and external partners.
  •  Project Management: Lead the charge in organizing life-changing trips and activities. Your skills ensure every project is a hit.
  •  Sales & Promotion: Be the face of our educational adventures. Your strategies will attract and captivate clients.

Who You Are: Our Ideal Candidate

  • A problem-solver with a knack for analytical thinking.
  • A communication wizard with top-notch interpersonal skills.
  • A project management pro who loves teamwork.
  • Super passionate about education and empowering youth.
  • A driver with a full license, ready for adventures across the UK and maybe even Europe!

What’s In It For You?

  •  A lively, purpose-filled workplace where your work truly matters.
  •  Professional growth opportunities to skyrocket your career.
  •  Competitive salary and benefits – we value your hard work!
  •  A chance to leave a lasting legacy in education and character development.

 This is more than a job – it’s a journey. Ready to join us? Let’s make waves together in the world of education! 

Location: Warwick, Warwickshire

To apply for this job please visit joblookup.com.

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