Interview Coaching

Interviews Are Stressful For Just About Everyone

Before The Interview Coaching Session

A few days before the interview coaching session, we will ask you to complete a briefing document. This will provide us with all the pertinent information we need about the interview, which questions you would find particularly challenging, and the areas you feel you really need to improve on.

What Happens During The Session?

The interview coaching session lasts for 90 minutes. What makes us different is that we use video feedback to show you how to improve. Simon Broomer, our lead coach worked for the company that provided voice coaching for Margaret Thatcher when she first became Prime Minister.

Your career coach will compile a list of challenging competency-based and strengths-based interview questions in advance of the mock interview. We create these using information about you and your background, the role for which you have applied, and the organisation for which you want to work. We carefully research these so that the interview questions simulate the actual interview.

During the interview coaching session, your career coach will give you practice in responding to a range of competency and strengths-based interview questions. We give you constructive feedback on the content of your responses, your body language and your tone of voice and volume. You’ll gain very valuable tips on how to improve in all of these areas so that you can perform at your best.

It is also increasingly common to be asked to deliver a short presentation as part of the interview process. We’ll help you work on the content of this and you can practise delivery of your presentation with your career coach so that you become more confident and aware of how to come across more effectively.

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