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Making a Career Change and Finding a New Career Opportunity

Job search support is very important for keeping on top of your job hunting.   Looking for a job has its challenges and it can be difficult to maintain focus and momentum.  Our  Career Planning & Job Search Support Programme will help you maintain that focus.  During the initial consultation, we’ll send you an outline for a programme of career coaching.  Or we may recommend that you avail of our CV and LinkedIn profile writing service and our interview coaching programme. The programme usually consists of between three to five guidance, counselling and coaching sessions with a professional career coach.

The sessions will include some or all of the following elements:

  • Completion by you of two career planning documents;
  • Identifying your key strengths, specialist knowledge and transferable job skills;
  • Understanding what really drives you and what you most need now from your work and your working environment;
  • A psychometric questionnaire to reveal job roles that will play to your strengths;
  • Assess your potential to develop in new ways.
  • Explore the most suitable career options open to you;
  • Plan your long-term career direction;
  • Change paths and move your career forward;
  • Market yourself effectively and approach the job market in the right way so that you are getting interviews and job offers;
  • Intensive interview coaching with video feedback.

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