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Graduate career coaching helps you to start your career in the direction you want to go.  We understand that you might be concerned if you have not  secured a job during the university milk round recruitment process.

Our Career Planning & Job Search Programme for Graduates is designed to provide guidance, expert advice and support when you are just starting out in your career.  What’s more, the programme is specially priced to make it more affordable for you.

As a graduate looking for work this can be a challenging and anxious time. There are hard choices to be made.  Applying for jobs can be a demoralising and thankless task.

By taking our programme, you’ll be able to make well-informed decisions about your future. We’ll guide you on what further training or qualifications you might consider. You’ll leave our programme with a CV, personal statement and cover letter that you can be confident in engaging with the job market. The Graduate Career Coaching Programme is structured so that you work on key tasks and apply for jobs between coaching sessions.

Graduate Programme Prices

How We Help You

Looking closely at your job-related strengths

You’ll tell us about your motivations, interests and career aspirations for both the short and longer term.  We’ll then focus on opportunities that will challenge and engage you.

Getting you job market ready

This is when you find out the best job-hunting tactics to use.  We’ll help you ascertainwhich recruiters can help you and how to tap into your family, social and professional network.

Graduate Career Decision-Making & Job Search Programme

CVs, cover letters and personal statements

We’ll help you create a CV and LinkedIn profile that will impress, a cover letter that grabs attention and a personal statement that you can use online and while networking.

CV and Cover Letters

Job interview coaching

You’ll gain practise in responding to competency and strengths-based interview questions so you can impress the interviewer.

Interview Coaching

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We Can Help You To Find A New Career Direction That Fulfills And Interests You.

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