Harry Palmer* quit his job as a lettings agent when he felt it wasn’t offering him any new challenges. He is currently seeing Simon Broomer and has begun job hunting. He says he wants to take every opportunity to ensure his next career move is for the long term.

What major issue do you want to tackle?

I left my job 3 weeks ago and I now want to identify areas I could work in using the skills I already have. I also want to articulate my skills to potential employers in the best way possible on my CV.

How is CareerBalance helping you move forward?

It’s helping me focus. Even in my first session, Simon gave me valuable pointers to make my CV stand out from the crowd and he showed me how to write more compelling cover letters.
He’s showing me how to approach employers, both speculatively and through responding to advertisements. He’s helping me pinpoint my underlying strengths, decide where to channel them and ensure I present them in a way that highlights what I have to offer and sets me apart from other job hunters.

Where is CareerBalance making the most impact for you?

My instinct has been to scroll through job lists on the Internet and say “I can’t do that”. The last time I was job hunting was three years ago, when I was just out of university. The world of work can be bewildering to someone inexperienced. But I’m realising I have to put myself out there and mustn’t shy away from calling up human resources departments direct.
Simon uses his experience and instinct to identify jobs that would be suitable for me and those that wouldn’t. It emerged through exercises, questionnaires and discussion that roles in financial services or mortgage brokering would not make me happy since they encompass the elements of my last job that I least enjoyed. With Simon’s encouragement, I’ve decided to focus on jobs in PR, marketing and publishing and I see that as a much better match for me.

How do you think you’d manage without the help of CareerBalance?

My knowledge of the potential roles out there is really limited. CareerBalance gives you lots of support and reassurance that you’re looking in all the right places.
When I left university three years ago, quality advice and support was thin on the ground. The university careers service kindly informed me that given my degree in law and music, I could be a lawyer or a musician!
Simon is now giving me access to information about a really wide range of jobs that might be suitable for me. On your own, you can fall into the trap of missing opportunities and conducting an aimless job search.

How is your new job search going?

I’ve only just started looking but I’m now determined that my next career move should be into something I do for the long term. By coming to CareerBalance, I’m receiving crucial advice and guidance.

* Harry is doing a three session Effective Job Search & Interview Coaching programme with CareerBalance.

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