Benjamin Clyde*, 53, a company accountant and company secretary, was made redundant from his job as a director at a financial company. He had become bored and unable to give his best. He approached CareerBalance looking for interview experience, practical help in navigating the job market, and support to overcome the overall shock. He also had concerns about his age. After one session with his career coach, people around him started noticing he had changed for the better and Benjamin felt empowered by his experiences and skills. He is starting a new job and plans to return to CareerBalance for further support in his new role.

What major issue did you want to tackle?

I had been made redundant from a job I didn’t like and was feeling low. I needed help with interviews and was
worried about how to present my redundancy to prospective employers.

How did CareerBalance help you move forward?

I found what my CareerBalance coach did for me immensely helpful. At our two hour meeting he did a mock
interview with me. I also did an exercise where I reviewed my professional experience and identified and drew out
the skills I could prove I had. This got me to look at myself and my experience in a whole new way. Being
unemployed in today’s tough market is daunting, but CareerBalance helped me overcome the initial shock by
reinforcing the positives and giving me tools to move forward. They reassured me age wasn’t a concern and that
employers are seeking high energy people with experience.

Where did CareerBalance make the most impact for you?

Shortly after meeting my CareerBalance coach, I was due to see my former boss. When he saw me, he said “You
look so different since you’ve left”. Of course, it had been a relief to leave behind the pressure of working in a
difficult environment. But my two hours spent with CareerBalance had also been instrumental in building my
confidence back up. They showed me I had great skills, but I had ended up in the wrong place. My former boss’s
comment became a kind of reinforcement that proved quite empowering.
Almost immediately after meeting CareerBalance, I found opportunities began to open up. I learned the key was
to have things in the pipeline, like leads to chase and interviews in the diary. CareerBalance’s help give me a
sense of control over my future.

How might things have turned out differently without the help of CareerBalance?

Without CareerBalance’s help, I’d probably still be contemplating how to change jobs. I’m about to start a new job
at a hedge fund, but even while I was looking, I was getting good feedback from interviews, even if the match
wasn’t quite right. It’s made me realise that maybe I should have been more adventurous earlier on in my career.

How do you feel about the job you’re about to start?

I envisage this job won’t be my last – it’s not ideal, it’s more about making my next career move easier.

Would you recommend CareerBalance or go back in the future?

I plan to go back in a couple of months and re-evaluate my future. I’ve already recommended CareerBalance to

Benjamin Clyde* had Intensive Interview Coaching with CareerBalance.

*Not his actual name

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