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Case Studies

  • CareerBalance Qualified Career Coaches London

Solicitor to Justice Charity

Rachel Danes* trained as a solicitor in a City law firm. She then set up her own business consultancy working with charities and small businesses, while also opening an interior [...]

  • CareerBalance Qualified Career Coaches London

The Banker

Glyn Milston* works at a suburban branch of one of the UK’s largest retail banks. He does not see a long term career for himself within the organisation and is [...]

Barrister to City Regulator

Patricia Shaw*, a 31 year old barrister in private practice, was stressed about work and the negative impact it was having on her personal life. She wanted to leave the [...]

International Lawyer

Georgina Riddle*, an international corporate lawyer, has sought out the advice of CareerBalance at key junctures during the past decade of her legal career. She most recently came to [...]

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