At CareerBalance we’re getting lots of enquiries from individuals who are concerned about their careers during lockdown. Some are fearful of losing their jobs and some are on furlough and think they may never return to work. Working from home has created lots of new challenges and many of us have had to get used to working in very different ways. We’ve got a few tips for you to maintain your career during these tricky times:

Stay Positive

There is a lot of bad news about the economy at the moment and rightly so. We are already in a recession and many well-established businesses are suffering. There is a lot of pain ahead. TM Lewin is just one example of a traditional retailer which has been hit by a triple whammy of a move away from physical shopping to online, a reluctance of shoppers to venture into city centres, and the lack of demand for smart work clothing.

However, there are many businesses that are doing really well in the new economic landscape. Amazon, Just Eat and Reckitt Benckiser are all businesses which have thrived during lockdown, so keep an eye out for sectors that are on the up. The pharmaceuticals and market intelligence sectors are other examples – see Pfizer, Roche, Informa, Pearson and Markit. A daily read of the business pages in the Daily Telegraph, The Times or Daily Mirror will alert you to companies that are thriving in lockdown. Advertising is also on the way up as businesses try to reach out to consumers who are reading more newspapers and watching more television.

There are also still many good job opportunities being advertised and we see no let-up in recruitment by leading UK companies. The LinkedIn Jobs section has really come into its own in the past seven months, and we’re advising our clients to keep an eye on this.

Be Visible & Make Connections Online

Make sure you engage with colleagues at work using Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom. Also look out for networking opportunities with professionals in other organisations. There has been a boom in online conferences and low cost training for the workplace where you can also connect with professionals in your sector and in other industries; so look out for relevant events. Take on a new project at work which will help you to develop your skills and to deepen your specialist knowledge. Lockdown has changed the way we work for ever and you must stay on top of the new technology which is emerging. Post something worthwhile and work-related on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram which displays your job skills and/ or expertise.

Polish Up Your CV & LinkedIn Profile

Have a two-page CV ready for when you need it. Employers will almost certainly check what you have to say about yourself on LinkedIn before interviewing you and we’re surprised how many of our clients have not updated this for a while. Make sure that you include in your CV your key achievements during lockdown. Can you explain what you are professionally – so that recruiters and new contacts can quickly understand what you do and how you can add most value to a potential employer?

Know How to Engage with Your Audience Online

Almost all job interviews are now being conducted online and employers have been recruiting people from new graduates to senior executives during the Coronavirus epidemic. Check how you are coming across by recording yourself presenting online. Are you looking at the camera rather than your screen? Are you appearing enthusiastic? Are you smiling, being positive and energetic? These are simple things but are often overlooked. is one service that we can highly recommend to practice interviews and you get immediate feedback as well as being able to view your own performance.

For guidance on how best to progress your career and how to engage effectively with the job market in this new career landscape do contact one of our professional career coaches by emailing [email protected] or calling us on 020 3051 1054. Or complete our online enquiry form and attach your CV:

Simon Broomer, Senior Career Coach, CareerBalance Limited
[email protected]
24th October 2020