Make a Career Change

Taking the plunge and changing your
career is not an easy thing to do.

A career change can be daunting. You’re likely to have many concerns and may be giving up a level of security for the complete
unknown. What if your new career doesn’t pan out the way you hoped it would?

What if your friends and family are not supportive of your new direction?

It’s natural for you to be apprehensive, but we can allay your fears and help you to find a way to take your career forward.

We have helped hundreds of clients, from all backgrounds and levels of seniority with their career change into more rewarding and fulfilling long-term careers.

Our Career Change & Job Search Programme consists of three to five guidance and coaching sessions. These typically cover four key elements:

  • Taking stock of your strengths, values, needs and your career aspirations;
  • Looking at opportunities in the job market with new employers and in different sectors that will suit you;
  • Practical support to help you find the right jobs with leading employers using a range of job search strategies;
  • Coaching you to succeed in job interviews to secure offers of employment;
  • Helping you plan your career for the long term.

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We Can Help You To Find A New Career Direction That Fulfills And Interests You.

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